Customer Testimonials for I Motors

Thom Farrell - Google review -

Very courtious dealer. No pressure, no hassel. Would buy from again. A true pleasure to do business with. And the car is great!_____________________________________________________________________________ Read more at:,or.&bvm=bv.117868183,d.cGc#lrd=0x89ba95f59729fc23:0xdbc4e125e067d445,1,,

Shaun Parvin - Google review -

Very helpful and generous, they got us a great car at a great price and helped us through the minor issues we had. Definitely worth the drive for the car!_______________________________________________________________________________ Read more at :,or.&bvm=bv.117868183,d.cGc#lrd=0x89ba95f59729fc23:0xdbc4e125e067d445,1,,

Love My Lexus from College Park, MD - review -

Wonderful to work with!__________________________________________________________ _______by Love My Lexus from College Park, MD | February 26, 2012_______________ _________ We purchased a used car from this dealer just over a month ago and could not be more satisfied with both the purchase and the experience. This dealer was very communicative and really delivered. We plan to work with this dealer again for future purchases and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality used car and great customer service_________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Antoine - review -

Great follow-up and business accumen....would do business again in the future. __________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at:

CO from Virginia Beach - review -

Great Experience________________________________________________________________ ____by CQ from Virginia Beach, VA | January 25, 2016_____________________________ ______ The lot is crowded, but there are a lot of cars to choose from. The dealer (VW) let us test drive 5 cars in the space of a couple of an hour or so, no hassle at all. We also took one for over 2 hours off their lot to have a dealership mechanic check it out before we bought--again, no big deal, they barely missed us it seemed, and didn't hassle us as to where we were or how long we took. We did end up buying one of them and the process was very quick. My dad used to work at a dealership, and always told me that you should sell a car with a full tank of gas--we test drove the car with it nearly out of gas, and when we went to pick it up, VW was across the street putting a half a tank in the car. Not full, but more than what I've experienced in VA Beach before. Every car comes with a 3 month/3000 mile warranty, and they say they will also work with you on getting parts for less than if you try to buy them yourself. All in all we had a positive experience, the place and salesmen seem fair, and pretty laid back (no high pressure fast-talkers here). We will probably have a relationship with these guys for a while.__________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Mioshe Johnson from Newport News - review - 2003 Ford Expedition

Mr. V.W________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for making me feel like your most important customer! V.W, Brock, and Gio are the best salesmen I've ever met! -Mimi__________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Mathew from Virginia Beach - review - 2002 Ford Mustang

Highly recommend coming to this dealership, great vehicles and amazing people._________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Lazytex from Williamsburg, VA - review -

Great customer service__________________________________________________________ ____by Lazytex from williamsbugr, va | February 29, 2012___________________________ ________ I recently called about a car and was given great customer service. Even though the car sold that I was intrested they provided a fair price and warranty. I will most likey buy from here with in the next few months. ________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Michael Reilly from Virginia Beach - review -

No Hassles, Great Pricing. Customer for life now______________________________________ _____by Michael Reilly from Virginia Beach | November 8, 2015______________________ ______Family run business, I bought a vehicle about a year ago and have had no issues. Now they are helping me find a specific car that no one has locally. Wais the owner has been a huge help. Would recommend to anyone to start there search here, big dealership service, little dealership prices.__________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

JazzyPhil from Norfolk, VA - review -

Excellent Customer Service!______________________________________________________ _____by JazzyPhil from Norfolk, VA | November 21, 2015___________________________ __________ Staff went above and beyond in staying in-touch until an issue that arose was resolved. Even though the issue was found not to be covered, they worked out a satisfactory resolution as I had just purchased the vehicle -- impressive customer service! The vehicle was delivered with all (IOU) issues/concerns fixed -- car was detailed and looking good.__________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

b5_bran from Virginia Beach - review -

Astounding Customer Care______________________________________________________ ____by b5_bran from Vriginia Beach, VA | February 7, 2016_____________________________ ____Recently my wife and I had purchased a car from I Motors without the warranty coverage that was offered, and in turn ended up having a catastrophic failure of the engine. They found the oil pump had failed and seized a cam shaft (requiring a new motor). Even though we did not have the warranty they offered to honor it once the damage was assessed. They even went a step above our expectations and said that because of the mishap me and my wife could pick another vehicle on the lot of equal value and call it even. we ended up picking another vehicle and were set up to be on our way. I cannot exclaim how great they treated me and my wife throughout this incident, even gave us a rental while the vehicle was being troubleshooted and investigated. I would recommend this family owned/run dealership to my closest friends and family. They went above and beyond my wife and I's satisfaction level. Definitely go through I-Motors if you are sick of dealing with shady used car dealerships!______________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Tyson from Virginia Beach - review -

#1- I-Moters____________________________________________________________________ _______by tyson from va beach, va | August 24, 2015______________________________ _________ I am a first time buyer, love the car, and most important the service/salesmen. i will repeat a customer!!!!!!___________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Chad - review -

honest about car i had inquired about __________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at:

Big Dog from Virginia Beach, VA - review -

Outstanding. Much Wow_________________________________________________________ ______by BIg Dog from Virginia Beach, Virginia | April 27, 2015_____________________ ______ Came in looking to buy one car and found another. Great customer service everyone was friendly. All the cars I looked at were in awesome condition. Very happy with my purchase so far and would certainly recommend to anybody looking to get their hands on a premier vehicle!_________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Andrea Boyd from Chesapeake, Va - review -

Amazing Service!!!!!!____________________________________________________________ _________by Andrea Boyd from Chesapeake, VA | April 15, 2015___________________ _________ As a business owner, I love to patronize other small businesses. I did not know what was in store when I went to their lot. I met amazing people, who provided me with amazing service. Their service was unprecedented, and they truly care. I have never experienced a car buying experience so pleasurable. This was the first car purchase for my teenage son and all the horror stories I told him were proved wrong by this amazing team of individuals. If you are looking for a great car, great price and good quality....I wouldn't suggest you looking at any other dealership. Trust me...I have pretty high standards and they exceeded them all._____________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Dennis - review -

I think you all done a very good job, Thank You __________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at:

Monica - review -

I spoke with the owner and he was able to answer all my questions about the vehicle. They were in process of working on the radio. Good person to deal with. I have purchase a car from them a year ago. __________________________________________________________________________________ Read more at:

Tim from Norfolk, VA - review -

Awesome service________________________________________________________________ _______by tim from Norfolk va | November 6, 2015__________________________________ ____ Respectful, friendly, helpful staff. Willin to work with you to help you figure out best way to buy the car you want. Plus the paper work was supper easy they really helped us out alot.___________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Scott from Newport News, VA - review - 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS

Excellent service .. Very Friendly ..._______________________________________________ _______by Scott from Newport News VA | August 29, 2015__________________________________ ______ I just bought 2004 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS . And its amazing .. its so clean and runs great. Thanks a lot Mr Crazy Steve :) He was so kind to me and helped me a lot. I got the meet owner with MR Wais ... which is so nice because when i been checking other dealership i haven't chance to meet with owner . Thanks again for excellent and fast service... _______________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Dominique Venegas from Virginia Beach - review -

Outstanding customer service_____________________________________________________ ________ by Dominique Venegas from Virginia beach, Virginia | October 24, 2015__________ _______ I bought a car 3 days ago and the battery went bad.. I called them and they replaced the battery right away for free.___________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Dan from Norfolk, VA - review -

EXCELLENT SERVICE._____________________________________________________________ ______by DAN from NORFOLK,VA | January 23, 2015_______________________________ ______ VERY HAPPY,I DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED !!CAR RUNS GREAT,NO ISSUES AT ALL.THANKS FOR HELPING ME FIND EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.___________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Dede from Richmond, VA - 2007 Acura MDX

A potential customer as of 6/27/2014_____________________________________________ _____by dede from richmond, va | June 27, 2014__________________________________ _____Good morning, My mom and I are on our way to purchase the acura mdx which is at an unbeatable rate. This is our first time purchasing from I-motors. The car salesman seems helpful and honest about this car; as customers the only thing that count is the quality of the car heart. So I will keep you all updated on this purchase._______________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Mrs. B. Jones from Newport News, Va - review -

Great expectations______________________________________________________________ _____by Mrs. & Mrs B. Jones from Newport News, VA | October 9, 2015_______________ ________ Our van buying experience was an excellent one. V.W. was our salesperson and extremely courteous and professional. The process was quick and easy. If you're looking for a quality dealership without having to jump through a bunch of hoops, then IMotors, Inc. is the place to go_____________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Steve from Virginia Beach - review -

Excellent Dealership_____________________________________________________________ _______by Steve from Virginia Beach, VA | October 12, 2015________________________ _______Bought a Mazda 3 for $400 less than asking price and was out the door with the keys in about an hour. Heard a rattling from the rear and one of the pads was loose. They replaced it no problem and no questions asked. I'll definitely come back here for my next car. They take care of their customers._____________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Dwight from Virginia Beach - review -

Great and honest ownership._____________________________________________________ ______by Dwight from Virginia beach | July 4, 2015_________________________________ _________ These guys were more than helpful and it was hands down the best experience I've had at ANY dealership. Thank you I motors!!!!!______________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Theo Pap from Virginia Beach, VA - review -

No pressure buy!________________________________________________________________ _____by Theo pap from Virginia beach | May 7, 2015_______________________________ ________ Just got my new tundra from here, I live down the street so I get to see the new inventory all he time. Truck was only there a few days before I grabbed it up, lots of cars and trucks come and are gone in no time! Great customer service! I'd recommend to anyone!_________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Erik from Virginia Beach, VA - review -

Great Customer Service__________________________________________________________ ______by Erik from Virginia Beach ,VA. | May 5, 2015_______________________________ _______ Best and most convenient car buying experience i have ever experienced. These guys really deliver_________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

Megan M. from Virginia Beach, VA - review -

Great service!___________________________________________________________________ _____by Megan M from Virginia Beach, VA | April 24, 2015__________________________ _____ I-Motors gave me an experience I will remember! Between Wais and Steve, I found a car, bought it, and completed all paperwork within just a few hours. This was my first time buying a car and the way they handled everything so was amazing! Within just a few hours of their service, I trust they did everything they could to help me out! I would recommend this dealership to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much Crazy Steve and Wais, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to sell to me!___________________________________________________________________________ Read more at

I Motors - 2000 Quality Vehicle

At I Motors we are proud of the quality used cars we sell and our dedication to serve the needs of our customers. This is reflected in the amount of repeat business we receive. Whether this is your first purchase with us or one of many that you’ve had, you can count on our dedicated sales staff to make it the best buying experience possible.

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